Movies can open our children’s eyes to new places, cultures and ideas, and parents have an important role in ensuring that experience is positive and enriching. They need the tools to decide what movies are suitable for their children to watch. From understanding how movie ratings work and have evolved with the times to helping parents find movies appropriate for their kids, we want to help make movie-going a positive experience in your family’s life.


Joan Graves, SVP and Chairman of the Classification and Rating Administration at the MPAA

The first thing Joan Graves will tell you is that she loves her job. That’s because as Senior Vice President and Chairman of the Classification and Rating Administration at the MPAA, she is able to combine her favorite two elements: film watching and parenthood. We spoke to Joan about her work to find out more about the important task of rating films—from the history of the process, to the most rewarding aspects of her work.

Senior Raters
Tracey Downs
Mario Moogan
Scott Young


May we introduce you to Marilyn Gordon, Senior Vice President of the Advertising Administration and her team? This specialized staff is responsible for reviewing all advertising for movies rated by the Classification and Rating Administration (CARA) - this includes trailers, TV and Internet spots, billboards and posters. Their role is to ensure that the advertising content is placed appropriately for the audience that is viewing it. With 60,000 pieces of advertising to review each year, it's a tall order, but they enjoy every minute. For Marilyn, it’s about seeing both the creative aspect and the positive impact her team provides for parents. Learn more about the team and their important role in this video.